We’re a piano-punk band living in the city of underdogs, the point breeze section of South Philadelphia. I was born and raised in South Jersey, and spent my childhood in the pizzeria with my Italian family. In times of trouble, I'd look to rock & roll records for comfort. Songs of revolution from misfits in leather jackets and pompadours spoke to my soul. And after years of playing the family's Baldwin baby grand piano as if it were a telecaster, I left suburbia and embarked upon the adventure of adulthood. It’s been absolutely terrifying, but the band gives me hope. We set out to deliver anthemic tales of young people on the road to triumph, in order to provide motivation for those who are just as scared and lonely as we are. I think we all need music that confronts the world we live in and makes us feel a little less alone. We all had those records when we were growing up, and now we want to make them. Here’s hoping.





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